Terminal Automation

It’s all about our people and our experience. We can jump on any problem. We offer reliable, easy, straight-forward solutions. A large chunk of our work is service calls from companies that need something fixing. They call us before calling their own engineers because they know we can solve the problem.

-- Bo Brewer

MINI-CASE STUDY: Electrical Engineering Services When a customer needs a new pump or upgrades existing equipment, there’s a considerable amount of frontend work to evaluate before work begins. We utilize autoCAD designers to render electrical and control designs, and provide our expert knowledge on how to proceed with the project.

Automation Engineering and Design:

The Control Systems Group at PC&S works as a full service systems integrator, bringing expert-level knowledge of a wide variety of automation systems. Our engineers are deeply experienced in control system design and implementation across multiple industries and applications. From designing and commissioning control panels, to programming PLCs and creating HMI’s, to supporting and troubleshooting instrumentation and automation systems, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to get the job done right and on schedule.

Pipelines and Pipeline Facilities:

Control System Engineering Services

Clients use our systems to operate control systems along the pipeline.

We design easy to use and reliable instrumentation for new and existing facilities, using latest technology and over 20 years of pipeline engineering experience. We then work with our field services group to test its operation before delivering to the customer.