Electrical Construction

MINI-CASE STUDY: Product Accounting A major pipeline company needed to replace an aging billing system. It was taking excessive labor and time to reconcile the month and send out the invoices. The developers at PC&S designed and built a custom system to manage the tariffs, authenticate the tickets, track inventory, send out invoices, and integrate with the general ledger. Customers now receive their invoices in a timely manner and can view their inventory online. Management has its own intra-net site for specific reports, and best of all, one person is now doing in hours what used to take multiple people days.

We do turnkey projects with one contractor so our client doesn’t have to coordinate between contractors.

We sell turnkey solutions with engineering, controls work and electrical installations. Clients have one company - PC&S - to point a finger at to get things done.

If you tried to google another company that does what we do, you probably couldn’t find one.

-- Jack Brooks

Electric Construction Services:

  • We offer a wide variety of electrical construction services including Electrical Wiring Construction and Repair, Instrumentation and Testing, Low, Medium, and High Voltage Cabling, Trenching, Conduit Laying, Cabling, and Wiring.
  • Electrical Wiring Construction and Repair
  • Instrumentation and Testing
  • Low, Medium, and High Voltage Cabling
  • Trenching, Conduit Laying, Cabling, and Wiring

Electrical / Mechanical Engineering and Design:

  • Electrical Schematics, Power, and Wiring Diagrams
  • Control Panel Design, Manufacturing, and Testing with Field Simulation
  • Conduit Routing
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • P&ID and PFD Development